Vision, Mission & Values

Our vision is to increase the effectiveness of nonprofits in the Bay Area so that all youth are able to thrive, regardless of where they come from. We believe that with early-stage investment many more nonprofits could make the world a better place.

The mission of All Stars Helping Kids is to disrupt the cycle of poverty and encourage innovation by seed funding start-up nonprofits in the Bay Area.

The values that guide our work, both internally and in the community, are: Risk-taking, Teamwork, Integrity and Reflection. We believe that breaking the cycle of poverty will give all youth a fair shot, and will benefit each and every one of us too.


Our Origins

All Stars Helping Kids was born in 1989, when NFL Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott gathered his friends for a dinner to benefit the local community. Astounded that he had raised $100,000 in one night, Ronnie invested the money in several nonprofits that were fighting poverty in the South Bay.

For nearly 25 years since, All Stars has used the simple formula of raising money and redistributing it to create opportunities in education, health and life skills for disadvantaged youth.

See how the All Stars family came together, with these highlights from our recent event, A Taste of All Stars:

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  • Ruth Fletcher
    Ruth Fletcher
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    Karen Lott
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  • Bobby Zur Travel Artistry
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