SANTA CLARA— August 14, 2023

Today, All Stars Helping Kids announced that its Board of Directors has appointed Julie Brown as Executive Director effective immediately.  

“We have selected an incredibly strong leader who is the right person at this time when All Stars Helping Kids is very focused on scaling its impact by building a vibrant ecosystem of nonprofit organizations accelerating the growth and development of youth throughout the Bay Area,” said Issac Vaughn, a veteran Silicon Valley lawyer, investor, operator, and Chairman of the Board of All Stars Helping Kids.  “With our unique programs positively affecting layers upon layers of people and organizations in our community, Julie is so clearly the leader capable of executing our vision and strategy and has the unanimous support of the Board.”

Brown’s previous work for nonprofit organizations around the world includes measuring impact, optimizing development efforts, conducting market research, and creating communication campaigns.  Brown received her Master’s in Nonprofit Administration from the University of San Francisco and a B.A. in Communications and Business Administration from Milligan University (formerly Milligan College).  She holds certificates in Social Entrepreneurship and Humanitarian Emergency Management and has most recently served as Vice President of Programs at All Stars.

“I accept this position with a passion to continue to create opportunities for those who are doing the heavy lifting throughout the San Francisco Bay Area,” said Brown.  “This rewarding work of providing resources, training and financial support to local nonprofits to help them be even more successful in the work they do highlights our critical role in building successful programs that continue to change lives.”  

Founded in 1989 by Karen and Ronnie Lott, All Stars Helping Kids has touched the lives of generations in the Bay Area.  Last year, All Stars invited their 30th nonprofit organization into their highly impactful Accelerator program, a 3-year program for non-profits who want to catapult their growth and development for greater impact.  This supports the All Stars Helping Kids mission of disrupting the cycle of poverty, as well as encourages innovation for the greater good.

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About All Stars Helping Kids

All Stars Helping Kids was created in 1989 when NFL Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott gathered his friends for dinner to benefit the local community. After raising $100,000 in one night, Ronnie and his wife, Karen, invested in several nonprofits fighting poverty in the South Bay. Since then, All Stars Helping Kids has invested more than $30 million in grants and resources to over 600 organizations, impacting the lives of thousands of youth by providing access to education, career readiness, and health & wellness programs.