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Leti Galarza’s Story

Bridging the Gap, Driving Equality for Young Adults

Leti Galarza joined the 2018 Cohort, Tech Exposure & Access Through Mentoring, Inc. (TEAM), grantee’s remote program in May 2020. She played collegiate basketball at San Francisco State University where she graduated with a B.A. in Mathematics and is a member of the WBDA for the Oakland Rise Women’s Basketball Organization. Since graduating, Leti worked as a data specialist for various companies while pursuing an advanced certificate in database programming and computer accounting. Leti came to TEAM with a passion for basketball, data and coaching. Leti is next level. Not only does she have strong statistical and data mining skills, she injects creativity into her work that empowers others to use the data in a simple, meaningful and actionable way.

In December 2020, Leti landed a new job as the assistant video coordinator with the Golden State Warriors and the first woman to be a part of the team’s coaching staff. “I have so much love and gratitude for TEAM Inc.; they saw my skill set, invested in me, and generously offered their network. They create visibility for people of color and bridge the gap for qualified minorities to have opportunities and be seen.” Now, Leti works on player development with the Cal Berkeley women’s basketball team.

Driving Equity In The Bay Area

Today, one in five Bay Area youth live in poverty. In a region drawing such socioeconomic contrast, All Stars Helping Kids has an extraordinary opportunity to affect change by serving youth from early childhood to post-secondary. In 2020, leveraging its impact-scaling model, All Stars Helping Kids is not only directing amplified resources to the Bay Area, but its strategically targeting disadvantaged youth who are most susceptible to inequality.

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