Nonprofit Capacity Building

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We believe that all youth should be able to thrive.

We believe investing in the potential of our youth, our nonprofit partners and our local communities can break the cycle of poverty that is keeping far too many youth from succeeding.

That is why we created the innovative and game-changing All Stars Accelerator Program, to build strong, impactful and sustainable nonprofits working on the front lines in our most overlooked and marginalized communities.

Each year, All Stars selects a cohort of innovative Bay Area nonprofits to participate in a three-year intensive program that is designed to help build the organizational capacity, financial sustainability and community impact of those organizations working to disrupt the cycle of poverty for Bay Area youth.

All Stars and our portfolio of nonprofit partners work to ensure youth in low-income and marginalized communities have access to a quality education and the support needed to go on to college; the skills and resources they need not to just get a job but a career, and that they can stay healthy in body and mind.

In order to achieve true economic and racial equity we must break the cycle of poverty that is preventing far too many youth from achieving their full potential.

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Current Grantees

Investing In Potential

Invest in emerging nonprofits looking to scale innovative approaches to disrupting the cycle of poverty for youth in the Bay Area!

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